Promotional Advertising

Promote your business on the Optimise and Grow Online Blog or Email Broadcasts.



  • 3000-4000 sessions per month on the website
  • Majority of traffic from US, Australia, UK, India
  • Average session duration 2m:38s

Choose your promotional campaign location:

  1. Blog Leaderboard Graphic Banner Ad - top of post (subject to availability)
  2. Blog Leaderboard Graphic Banner Ad - mid post
  3. Blog Leaderboard Graphic Banner Ad - end of post (subject to availability)
  4. Blog Text or Opt-in Ad - top of post (subject to availability)
  5. Blog Text or Opt-in Ad - mid post (subject to availability)
  6. Blog Text or Opt-in Ad - end of post (subject to availability)
  7. Blog Sidebar Ad Graphic
  8. Email text ad - end of email broadcast (subject to availability)
  9. Email leaderboard graphic banner ad - end of email broadcast (subject to availability)
  10. Website Pop-up - info bar (subject to availability)
  11. Website Pop-up - modal box (subject to availability)
  12. Website Pop-up - slide-in (subject to availability)

PLEASE NOTE: Some placements can only be utilised by 1 brand at a time. If your preferred placement is already booked for your campaign duration, we will contact you to offer an alternative placement, alternative campaign start date, or refund. Feel free to contact us before booking to confirm availability.

Once off promotions

  1. Promotional Email Broadcast - 1 only - $POA and subject to availability
  2. Promotional Blog Post - 1 only - Click here for pricing

Choose your campaign start date (a minimum of 2 business days from date of purchase)

Campaign duration:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months

Sizing for Graphic Ads

Sizing below is for Desktop browsers, ensure your ad text is readable with the graphic shrunk to fit on mobile devices (with 360/400px)

  • Email Banner -  width 600px, ideal height: 200px, height max: 400px
  • Blog Banner - width: 700px, ideal height 200px; height max 400px
  • Sidebar Graphic Square - design 600x600px for responsive resizing, desktop display: 216x216px, mobile approx: 400x400px
  • Sidebar Graphic Tall - design: 600x1200px for responsive resizing, desktop width 216px, mobile width approx 400px

We do not accept adverts that are, or link to sites that are…

  • hateful or discriminatory
  • political
  • sexual or x-rated
  • promote harm, violence or significant risk
  • give specific financial or investment advice
  • spammy, have a virus, phishing software, or similar
  • a direct competitor in business
  • do not have an action SSL certificate (https://)
  • do not align with our audience interests, values and business type.

We reserve the right to:

  • refuse publication of submitted ads.
  • remove your ad from publication on our promotional channels If your site is hacked without notice or refund. 
  • not renew your ad placement offer.

Pricing only includes ad placement. It does not include:

  • link or landing page checks or recommendation
  • ad copy writing, review or recommendation
  • image design, review or recommendation
  • following up for your advert if you do not submit creative and link by the campaign start date.
  • advertising advice
  • reporting of # of clicks or views

Custom Multi-Placement Packages Available

For a custom advertising package with multiple promo locations on the site and email, please contact

_promotional advertising
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