Proactive Marketing Bundle

A bundle of our 5 pillar marketing products to help you connect positively with your customers and grow your business

Is business a little quieter than usual these days? 

Welcome to the “other” side of the business world. The side where you see ebbs and flows in your lead generation. Where you experience feast and famine months with your income. Where you have woeful followed by winning client numbers.

But…what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way?!

This bundle of 15 tools and strategies has been designed to help you connect positively with customers and grow your business.

This bundle is jam-packed with 15 of our in-house tools and techniques that are going to help you to:

  • build authentic CONNECTIONS
  • actively engage your FOLLOWERS
  • create killer and optimised online CONTENT
  • improve your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  • find your DIRECTION to get back on TRACK with your business

Don’t try and find new customers to add to your books during quieter times.  Industry statistics tell us that it is cheaper and easierfor you to build BETTER connections with your current customers than it is for you to find new ones to sell to.

And if there’s one thing we know about its customer experience means everything to getting repeat sales from already existing customers (both directly or indirectly).


You’re going to benefit from our years of experience and level-up your processes so that you’re delivering optimised content to your readers AND search results.

And we’re giving it all to you in this bundle so that you can…

Create the right content, for the right platform, in the right way so that you can boost engagement, nurture existing leads, encourage re-engagement and generate some moolah!


  1. 5-part templated email sequence designed to demonstrate to your list that you have the PERFECT solution to your customers’ EXACT problem
  2. 6-weekly social media plan designed to engage your followers and drum up interest and responses during a time when you want to ramp-up your client load
  3. keyword research workflow that shows you the EXACT steps you take to find and then rank for a keyword
  4. A blog planner spreadsheet that allows you to track and plan blogs and covers ideation, business linkages, marketing avenues, and measurement metrics
  5. blog post template that takes the guesswork out of blogging so that you know exactly how to layout the perfect blog for optimal SEO and social media engagement results.
  6. how to write clickworthy headlines guidebook and swipe file that will give you proven fill-in-the-blank recipes for creating headlines your readers can’t help but click
  7. optimise your blog posts workflow step-by-step guide of how to upload, format, and optimise a blog post to get the best organic reach for your content.
  8. content distribution roll-out process that gives you the best steps to take after you create your content, so it’s not just about post and pray for results.
  9. Our customer experience audit tool that will guide you through the path your customers take on their buying journey. Through the tool, you will identify gaps that exist and improvements you can make to optimise their journey over and over again.
  10. Our customer experience email script makes it easy for you to check in and follow up with your customers whenever they engage with your brand so that you are offering personalised connections with them.
  11. Tips on quick ways to make more online sales so you can make more online sales during quieter times in your business and then implement them, today
  12. 12 month content marketing plan system to plan your programs, content, and promotions for an entire year
  13. plan to map your core offers to get a clear idea of your lead magnets, tripwires, and core offers and map out the content you need to write for each (you’ll find this in the content marketing planner)
  14. An ideal client workbook to pinpoint the language and positioning of marketing your offer/s to improve your conversions.
  15. marketing performance tracking spreadsheet to take control of your marketing and truly understand what you’re doing well and what needs more attention (you’ll find this in the content marketing planner)

The cost of each of these individual products is nothing compared to the value you’re going to see when you use the tools and strategies to level up your content marketing to increase your sales. And you have them all in one bundle!

Use this bundle of our pillar marketing products to help you avoid dips in your lead generation, famine months with your income, and woeful client numbers.

Start connecting with your customers and growing your business today!