Google Analytics Basics

Mini Course

Tired of guessing when it comes to Google Analytics? 🤔🤔🤔

Want to learn how to use and understand Google Analytics so that you can effectively analyse, tweak, and monitor your website and digital marketing for optimal performance? 

There is no need to hire an expert to tell you how your website is doing... We make understanding your Google reports simple and easy!

Our Google Analytics Mini-Course gives you:

✔️ How-to guides to get setup

✔️ A run-through of the Google Analytics reports you actually need to look at.

✔️ A run-through of what the data actually means.

✔️ Guidance on how to interpret Google Analytics data so that you can make smarter business and marketing decisions.

✔️ Performance Indicators to Monitor in Google Analytics Guidebook

✔️ Troubleshooting advice for things like high bounce rates and low conversion rates

✔️ How to guides on setting goals, filters, adding users and more!

The mini-course content broken into easily digestible segments and videos <10min each to reduce the overwhelm of understanding Google Analytics.

Get the mini-course today and take the mystery out of Google Analytics and start making smarter business decisions!


Goggle Analytics Basics Course