Keyword Research Guide

Learn how to do keyword research the RIGHT way with this straightforward how-to guide

Your online content marketing is underpinned by one thing: keyword research.

Yes, there are other elements that should be considered in your overarching strategies, such as your audience, your channels, your brand, and your key messages.

But, if you have a website or an eCommerce store and you expect people to be able to find your content or products when they search on Google, then you NEED to know what they’re searching to be able to write about those topics and optimise your website for search engines.

It’s a specialist skill, but there are basics for anyone wishing to make a start to do it themselves using free tools.

In this How To Do Keyword Research Guide you will find the exact steps our SEO pros take when they research the keywords that form the basis of all our own and our clients’ online content!

You're going to benefit from our YEARS of experience with this one amazing product.


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Keyword Research