Create Sales Pages That Convert

Template Bundle

Create Sales Pages That Convert Template Bundle includes:

  • 5 different tried-and-tested sales page templates ranging from simple to long-form that will help you effectively sell online
  • Simple steps that walk you through writing your own effective sales pages
  • Examples to help you beat the blank-page blues
  • Detailed fill-in-the-blank instructions that make it simple for you to write sales copy that converts
  • Example copy to help you understand what to put where

5 Fill-In-The-Blanks Sales Page Templates:

  • Simple Squeeze/Lead Magnet Page
  • Simple Sales Page
  • Basic Course Sales Page
  • Mid-Length Course Sales Page
  • Long Form, Testimonial Heavy Sales Page

These templates are a guideline to sales page structures that have worked time and again for us and our clients.

Use what aligns with your business, and leave what doesn't.

Just fill in the blanks as indicated and send the final copy to your website developer or build out the page on your website and you're ready to promote your offer to the world!

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