In today’s world, if a potential client hears of you, or is considering working with you, they will most likely stalk you online first. One of the first places to do that is a Google search; and generally one of the top results for personal name searches is a LinkedIn profile

Therefore, it should be attractive, and “sell” you and your business!

Today I’m sharing with you my top 10 tips for improving your LinkedIn profile so that when your next potential client stalks you online, they can be wow-ed and be more willing to work with you because they will walk away with a greater understanding of you, how you serve your clients, and how your skills could benefit them.

So let’s dive right in…

10 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Descriptive job title

Have your current job title indicate how you serve people.

For example my generic job title is Business & Marketing Consultant. My LinkedIn profile title is: Business & Marketing Consultant Helping Online Business Owners Be Found Online, Increase Exposure, Drive Traffic & Grow.

2. How can people work with you?

In your personal summary indicate who you work with, why, and how people can work with you – include a URL if applicable.

3. Company profile

Create your company LinkedIn profile. Brand it. Complete the details as to who you serve, why you serve them, and how people can work with you.

You can create your company profile under the “work” drop down in the top toolbar.

4. Recommendations

Ask relevant clients and colleagues to post a recommendation on your profile. Provide them with the direct link to do so to make it really easy for them to complete the task.

5. Share how you serve visually

In your current “employment” section which would be your business, upload “media” images of your core product or service titles, opt-ins or events. Include a URL to that service in the image description.

6. Call to action

Add a call to action to the current employer description (your business) as well as the personal summary.

For example: Want To Optimise & Grow Your Business? Book a discovery call at:

7. Illuminate your skills

Add details of courses and accreditation that you have completed to prove your listed abilities, and add your key skills to your profile so that your connections can endorse you for them.

8. Demonstrate and share knowledge

Add details and links to feature articles and interviews in the Publications section. Share details and links as a LinkedIn post while you are at it.

9. Brand it

Add a header image to your profile that features your skills, is branded, or promotes a service that you offer. It makes your profile a little more memorable than the rest. Keep the image consistent with your existing branding and messaging. This may also be used as the header image on your company profile.

10. Build connections

As you probably know yourself, you are more likely to trust and/or do business with someone who is known to or referred by somebody you know. So, it is in your best interests to invite your existing clients, your work colleagues and associates, as well as peers to connect with you via your LinkedIn Profile.

Building your connections also allows you to expand your network and find other people that you may be looking to serve, collaborate with or learn from.


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